Ruzhany Palace Complex of Sapiega Family

Ruzhany Palace — is a magnificent monument of architecture of XVIII century created in the style of late classicism. It is often called "Belarusian Versailles" because it was built in the same style as that world-famous palace.

In the beginning of 2011, a museum “Ruzhany Palace Complex of Sapiega Family” was opened. At that moment, two outhouses and entrance gates was restored. Four exposition halls and one showroom was opened for visitors. Two of them are in the eastern wing and dedicates to the Castle and the Palace periods.

In the western wing locates an exhibition, which dedicates to the history of the town Ruzhany — main residence of the Sapiega family, and the exhibition hall "Chancellor Living room". Here, in the interiors of XVII—XVIII centuries our employees creates historical reconstruction. Ruins of majestic Ruzhany Palace are impressive too. Visitors can borrow guided tours of the museum, the palace complex and Ruzhany town. We are waiting for you!